Swimming Holidays: Exploring Symi Island + Photos

August of 2016 we were invited to live a beautiful experience in a Greek Island Symi which is a part of the Dodecanese island group. A year has passed since, and while looking through a big bunch of photos taken on this trip, I have been given another opportunity to remember our beautiful adventures. Enjoy with me!

Symi beach side // Greece

Our first stop is Rhode Island where we spend little time but still enough to see Old Town of Rhode in 24 hours and fall in love with its architecture, ancient ruins, medieval streets and delicious seafood. Our accommodation Amphitryon Boutique Hotel was just 200 meters away from the Medieval Castle, featuring a swimming pool, friendly staff, and good American breakfast. We took a long walk through the old area of the city where hundreds of years history sparks on every corner and mystic feeling interacts with nowadays.
Medieval street in Rhodes
Medieval street in Rhode // Greece 
Craft markets and shopping streets in Old Town of Rhode // Greece

Rhode, we'll be back! 

It was a bit sad to leave so soon but as we were aiming for hot, sandy beaches, fresh seafood and yummy Greek ice-cream, we were ready for Symi!

Why Symi? Why not spend all week in Rhode, Athens, Crete.. you know, the big and notable places. I have an answer: when I travel, I love to see and experience the cultural essence of the place, and getting away from the city hustle and bustle is an excellent way to experience that.

Symi was a great choice to fully experience Greek's hospitality, explore beautiful beaches, swim in the sky blue waters, go on a boat trip and drive around the island with a scooter sightseeing amazing landscapes. Actually, these last two activities were our favorites: a boat trip excursion and a scooter ride around the whole island.
"Symi with only 65 km² gets you overwhelmed from millions of feelings"
Symi harbour Yialos // Greece
Blue stairs in Symi // Greece
Boating in Symi Island // Greece
White wall at the Monastery of Archangel MIchael Panormitis // Greece
Biking around the Symi island // Greece
Symi architecture, white house with blue window shades // Greece
Swimming in Symi lagoons // Greece
Symi beautiful purple & pink plants // Greece
Adventure time in Symi with scooter // Greece